First order of business, article 52, I hereby propose  that spring  hereforth be known as the change.

In this season of seemingly 6 seasons a day, all that change is leaving me feeling  quite flummoxed, for example having to deal with hailstones in your  coiffeur whilst standing on your doorstep muttering expletives as the new suede mules melt into a muddier shade, when moments  before the sun was shining a 15 very watery degrees is most probably the only legitimate definition of change as seen in the Oxford dictionary. 

The anitdotes for this changeitis\springitis may be many, Im choosing however to ease my anxiety of the soggy sandal toes no umbrella wheres my coat gone- itis by seeking out something constant and well… solid even. THE STRIPE, and many of them. 

In my down the rabit hole subconcious style selection I seem to be replacing basics with stripes, something about there stripeness is drawing my magpie eye as I persue the, “chance of rain 47%” forecasts. They are solid yet uttererly flexible in terms of compatibility with basically everything else I own. 



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