DSC09743DSC09115Florals for Spring…. Groundbreaking… 

Groundbreaking maybe not, but there is a reason this gravy train (or flower cart??) keeeps rolling into town every year, come frosty-barely-leg-baring-oh wait its 12 degrees-is that a bit of blue over there!! weather. So with no more afl(orish) I give you my 3 part support plan for all things dress shaped and pasted with flowers (the more the merrier right!! 


Reason 1, TREND to STAPLE (no thats not another word for gluten)

Its a trend, ok so we all know that following trends is ver ver ver uncool\wrong, what would intsa say? Heres to wacko individual style ALL costs right? Florals however seems to have done that rare thing in terms of trends and transitioned to a bonafide MUST HAVE EVERY YEAR, Florals are to Spring as to what shoes are to Winter (ok exxageration one could argue that all seasons are a valid excuse to protect your tootsies veruccas euuuughh, micro trend tip; Britney public toilet 2007 not a good look) Its not a trend anymore, less flash in the pan more slow cooker, but an item that deserves its place in your wardrobe (or laundry basket… (aka pile on floor) as much as the much lauded striped tshirt. 



One could argue that anything vaguely less winterish than a man with flu on the underground coughing at you would look “NICE” in comparision to the bleakness usually associated with winter, which we have all just so admirably mastered (claps on backs) and I wouldnt argue with you too much, but wearable flowers just look well, in an effort not to sound too tea party, nice. Who doesnt like flowers?


 Reason 3                     9 Millon Bicycles…

VERSATILITY!! Yes there is really a floral dress out there for everyone, I seem to be fond of dark based prints in heavier fabrics which up the wearability when its still a kuuuuhl 9 degrees out, but come sunnier climes (like 10 degreees) Im on the scout for more flimsical even frothy versions. And once youve found your chosen bunch you can layer it up and down to your hearts content!!*


Dresses in order of appearance




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