Passport-1-16.jpgpassport-1-17Made with Square InstaPic

Theres a bit going on her.

Bit being my 2017 euphesim for basically loads of everthing with a flake ontop. When you come back from holiday you see, one (one being me talking about myself in the third person) is inclined to want to only wear the denim mini-skirt one so comfortably* (*didnt wash, rolled around in sand, possibly made sand cakes on with some spilt afternoon  (its 5 oder clock somewhere) cocktails) wore in so lovingly. So you throw it on, wondering simultaneously how many tanned skin flakes you are loosing pro second, before you realisie one may have to modify ones comfort Zone to stay in ones comfort Zone in another Timezone …so to speak

Which brings me to my version of the great christmas bakeoff.


1 glittery tights(or 2 because 2 legs etc)

Furry stiletoos

Oversized everythhing ontop

Slash of mustard

Necklace of the world  (memories/youll See a blue sky again excetraness)

Plus already prepared side of skirt and VOILA!!

Have a hearty day!


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