To dress or not to dress that is the question…

Lately Ive rather been enjoying getting dressed…

Flash to readers frantically pressing escape(the computer equivalent of eject with or without a parashoote) (my spelling of the english language is deteriorating at a rapid rate directly proportionate to the hours of the day I spend speaking german, around 17 if anyone cares, woooohh I hear you say second case of hit-the-ejects in one very long poorly puntuated sentence)



Getting dressed…by this I mean far more than just preserving ones 2016 modesty, I mean it in the far more deep and fashion world meaningful metaphor for LIFE itself. Now let me clarify….. Day (and night) jobbing in the enviornment I do (surgery/hospital/white Birkenstocks/coat land) and starting work at the time of day I do (6.30am😪😪😷😷) its very easy to become lazy with ones Vetements in the morning.

Meaning its relativly to far easier to pull on multitudes of whatever softhings tend to come to my golem-esque sleep deprived fingers at godforsaken o clock (think one baby step away from coat over nightclothes) tumbling out the door, picking up pace down the stairs, to tornadoing my way onto the underground at which point I  promptly fall back to sleep for the duration of my commute (yes I have a second alarm to wake me up for the second time of the morning) than to THINK.

You may say well what does this matter at crazy o’ am clock noone nowhere will see me??

Well heres the thing, its about how the dressing eqivalent of a takesway makes me FEEL (fashion feeling?? Eject no.3) It sets me up for a slothy day, Ive noticed im a little less positive and a lot less motivated than lets just say I say manage to put on jeans or a semblance of anything reseemblying proper clothes with wait for it…… a splash of makeup.

I am ALL for dressing how you want where you want Im just saying there is defintly a POWER to dressing thats not  all that subtle…. give it a try… Or dont….*

*will try to recall writing this nexttime im on the train in my pjs.


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