Sheddings of Spring



Winter is slowly dripping away, taking with it almost all memories of blue fingers and thermo-therma-xxxtherm-supertherm etc. layers, and slinking into its place are bare ankles (for those of you following my instagram page known as moscow mule ankles until now) summery sheaths of dresses and scarfs that are, in comparsion to the neck hardwear of the last few months  mere froth-icles.

Living in Germany as I do however, I am careful to remain practical in the face of such temptations (listed above) and the watery 8 degrees outside so I have enlisted the help of a very padded very puffy puffa. Enter the Breton T\Slip-dress\Checkmules\Neckerchief\ Puffa concoction, which for one easter  muled inspired (think less foot suited more drinkable version of mules) night it seemed like I wonderful idea.



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X-ray bomber: Veasey, Nick

Current Lustical:


Loewe puzzle bag

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