Welcome to my first look post of 2016, because Ive been oncall so much of late I hadnt gotten around to shooting any looks so I especially enjoyed this shoot, getting out of scrubs and having a tipple. To celebrate the  virgin look of 2016 Ive decided to make it a two part series…. THE BLACK AND WHITE AFFAIR starring THE BLACK SLIP DRESS (which is actually a nightdress but shhhh). (Going all bold dramatic da-da-da in honour of Oscar season)

The underwear as outwear trend is going to be enormous in SS 16 with the likes of heavy hitters such as Celine sending lingerie style cocktail dresses teamed with chunky boots down the catwalk. Ive been a big fan of the trend ever since it started emerging over the last few seasons and immediatly loved this `Nightdress` when I stumbled across it on Asos a few weeks ago.

Here I styled the dress as a top combining it with a lose fitting menstyle trousers, kitten-block heels (I think I just made up a new heel term there) and a not so crisp cropped white shirt. You may have noticed Im also mixing jewellery colours, wearing both silver and gold at the same time (shock gasp horror I hear you say!) however its another trend Im going to be dragging into the new year. I like the undone not so perfect, I may have lost my glasses and I can not be sure if Im wearing shoes let alone if my earrings match, type of dishevelry it brings.

Its a very translateable look (just button the shirt put down the wine and you could even be at work) but the addition of glimpses of satin and lace adds a new season fresh feel to the ever appealing black white combination. Furthermore I doned a slinky black lace crop top effect bra (just to keep it decent) beneath my `dress\top\slip` and so-soft-they might-be silk stockings. Keeping with the boudoir theme I had a shaggy enmormous wolly cardigan (worn here backwards)


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