Make mine a double……

A1-1-7A1-1-10A1-1-9A1-1-5A1-1-13Polo-neck that is!

In the spirit of this unseasonbly warm weather which we have been experiencing in Europe this Christmas Season  I have been taking the liberty of sneakily not packing away any my summer clothes  and even going TIGHTLESS!

Enter the Double Wammy Polo, Socks, Hat, Boots n more polo combo…. (but no tights 😉

Who doesnt love to wear a summer dress all year round? I do however find it preferable to live without hypothermia , so sadly a sweater (or two) is required.

Perfect for blowing away those stuffed Turkey cobwebs on a Christmas Day. Happy Stuffing!

 Hat-Boots-Sweater from HnM


Socks-Stolen from Manfriend

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